Most of the time, you start by saying what you do. But I don't really want to be defined that way. I am a husband, brother, cousin and grandchild to my family. A friend (hopefully a good friend). A Christian. I have traveled for weddings and funerals, to bring clothes to orphans, for work, and to see people I miss. For money I work as a database developer for a large company (you may not have heard of the company, but you have heard of the founder). Luckily, I am passionate about technology and programming, so most of the time I enjoy my job. My other passions include (but are not limited to) reading, writing,  video games, business, politics, making the world a better place, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Sean's Digs

Sean's Digs is where I talk about and experiment with my passions. The name comes from what my Grandmother used to call my room when I stayed with her for the summers. Currently, the site is powered by and, hosted on blogger. In the footer you can see the link to my "legalese" page, which contains relevant legal information when interacting with this website.

Hope you enjoy.